Title Pawn

Last updated on September 20, 2016

A title pawn, in Georgia, is ashort term loans using a title as collateral. At First Choice, we make pawns (loans) on cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, boats, trailers, and even ATVs and four-wheelers. If you have a title to something you own, we can probably make you a title loan on it. To know for sure, give us a call or click the “Get A Quote” link at the top of the page.

How To Get A Title Pawn with First Choice

  1. Bring your car title
  2. Bring your driver’s license
  3. Bring proof of income (like a paycheck stub)
  4. Bring proof of address (like a utility bill)
  5. Drive your car (or collateral) to your local First Choice office

If you don’t have all of these things, don’t worry! Fill out the quote form and we’ll give you a call, or call us directly. We’ll work with you to get you qualified. For example, if you don’t have proof of address or proof of income, we’ll do what we can to work around that in many cases. If you’re currently making payments to another lender, we can pay them off! In most cases, we can get you more money, a lower payment, or both! There’s no obligation on your part if you just want a quote, we’re happy to make sure you understand what we can offer you and why we’re the best choice, your First Choice.

How Title Pawn Payments Work

This is definitely one of the most frequently asked questions we get. When you open your loan, we provide several options for repaying your loan. You can pay the entire loan back in 30 days, in which case all you pay back is the original amount you borrowed plus any fees/interest for just that 30 day period. You can also choose to make monthly payments, with whatever payment you make over the interest going towards your loan. This isn’t much different than a conventional loan that you may be used to – except that our loan is month-to-month. This means you can take as long or as little as you’d like to pay the money back – as long as you cover a minimum payment each month. We’d be happy to let you know exactly what payments you can expect, as well as building you a customized payment plan that precisely fits your needs. That’s one of the things that makes First Choice such a popular choice – we really do help you get your title back.

What If I Have A Title Loan With Another Lender

We can pay them off! Whether you have a loan at Georgia Title Pawn, TitleMax, TitleBucks, Loan Max, InstaLoan, Money Depot, EZ Title Pawn, or any other title pawn lender – we will save you money. Other lenders cannot compete with the time or attention that we’ll give you. We want to help you save money, and we want to build a lasting relationship with you. No other company will work as hard as we do to help you get out from under a bad loan with another company. We know how hard it can be trying to pay off a pawn, and we can help. If you’re ready to finally get those “other guys” paid off for good, we’d love to help you.

What Next?

Just give us a call! You can fill the quote form out and, using your zip code, we’ll automatically have the closest lending professional give you a call. Alternatively, you can browser our locations from the drop-down menu in the header, or call us at our 1800 number above. We look forward to earning your business!